How much does it cost to build a house in Spain?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions, but of course it is difficult to give a definite answer. The final cost of construction always depends on many factors: where we are building, what we are building, what requests for finishing, etc. Let’s try to figure it out together, at least in the approximate cost, so it will be easier for you to navigate and plan the construction of your dream home!


For example, let’s take a small one-family house, up to 200 m2, of basic-average quality, which will be built for oneself, not for sale.


The first expense that we cannot take into account is the purchase of land, it all depends on the location, but on average on the Costa Brava you can buy a plot (without sea views) for up to 100,000 euros, options with views and in exclusive locations of course more expensive.


Expenses for preparatory work:

  • Topographical survey 700-1400€ (depending on the location of the object and its accessibility)
  • Geotechnical study 800-1600€
  • Architect’s fees (development of a complete project, project management and control of construction progress in accordance with the project) are about 20,000€, it is worth noting that a licensed architect bears considerable responsibility during the construction process and for the next 10 years.

Construction costs

  • Technical supervision and monitoring of project compliance 8000€
  • Health and safety inspection 3000€
  • Quality control 600€

Municipal Licenses

  • The cost of a city license is 3000€
  • Tax on construction, installation and work 7000€
  • Deposit for the preservation of city property 3000€
  • Deposit for waste removal 500€

Construction materials and work
It all depends on your desires and capabilities, but on average from 220000€ to 350000€ for such a house.

Total: 266600€ + 21% VAT = 322586€ / 200 m2 = 1613€/m2


Subsequent expenses

  • Geo-referenced map — 220€
  • New building certificate 1600€
  • First move-in 1900€
  • Check-in certificate 120€
  • Activation of communications 240€