Modular Coworking Station

Project of the “Modular Coworking Station” is based on a conceptual collaboration of a shipping container architecture and coworking spaces.
Main idea is to make an easy buildable and cheap solution of a working space.
Steel frame structure of the project brings an advantage of mobility. Owners of the coworking station will be able to modify or to move modular office in any time, well as add some more modules in case of a development.
Concept of the module is a simplicity and sustainability. Reuse of containers in architecture already is a sustainability, because no new production of materials was involved. And simplicity is in use of a module, mobility and carelessness.
In a sustainability concept are used such systems as: natural cross ventilation, fan coil mechanical ventilation, grey water reuse, photovoltaic solar system and effective insulation, provided by polyurethane foam layer.








950 square meters